Plant Couture - Artificial Plants - Grass Bush 7 Head 38cm
Plant Couture - Artificial Plants - Grass Bush 7 Head 38cm - Close Up
Grass Bush 7 Head 38cm
Faux Flora Artificial Planting

Grass Bush 7 Head 38cm

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The shape, colour and direction of the grass allow it to look highly realistic despite being 100% artificial. Each blade of grass has flecks of deep green as well as yellow-green to imitate the real thing.

Bring green energy to your home décor with the help of our lush green Grass Bush. Our artificial grass is perfect for busy households and for people who live in apartments and can’t grow their own grass.

Measuring 38cm, this faux grass will bring an element of freshness to any space. Hassle-free and durable, our silk decoration will create a charming environment around it.

This is a versatile product that can be used for hedging, baskets or as a filler.


When it arrives:


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We will send your Grass bush safely and securely in a cardboard box or wrapped in a flyer bag dependant on quantity ordered. First remove all of the packaging and, if possible, recycle it.


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Most of our artificial plants have wired branches, fronds and foliage which means you can simply bend or reshape them by hand until they are in the desired position.

Either use the image from our website or Google an image of the natural plant and manipulate the product until you are satisfied.


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Add finishing touches: 

We offer a large variety of premium plant pots in a mixture of shapes, sizes and colours, so finding the perfect pot for your plant couldn’t be any easier! See the related products below for options which works with this plant.


Product Specifications 

Name: Aloe Pvc 24cm


Height: 38cm

Width: 10cm

Combined leaves height: 18cm

Number of leaves: 70

Packing Size: 24/box 40x30x10cm

Weight: 7g

Indoor / Outdoor: Indoor

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